Olympian Evelyn Stevens Gave Up the Big Paycheck to Compete in Cycling | Evelyn Stevens

Just four years ago US Olympic cyclist Evelyn “Evie” Stevens worked in a New York high rise on Wall Street. After earning a degree at Dartmouth and landing a lucrative job at an investment firm, Stevens found herself longing for a different path. Once her sister had introduced her to the sport of competitive cycling, Evelyn had to decide whether or not to chase her new passion and if so, at what costs.

Evie Stevens, 29, knew she had to embrace cycling 100% and this meant completely walking away from her financial career. But she did not leave this profitable lifestyle behind for nothing. Within two years of beginning the sport, Evelyn placed 15th at the cycling world championships held in Switzerland. Since then, she has racked up multiple time-trial championships and raced in the most prestigious event in women’s cycling, the Giro Donne.

While watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Stevens fantasized about attending the games as a spectator. She took it one step further and will be actually be in London this summer, competing for a medal.